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PUNTAGAVE TEQUILA ANEJO offers a distinct "Consistency of Character" achieved through a unique blend and specialized "engineering process." Our 120-year-old copper stills impart their own character during distillation, with only the pure heart of each batch being used after removing a high percentage of heads and tails. The result is an exceptional tasting profile, aged for 18 months in bourbon barrels and bottled at 82 proof. The ceramic decanter, unlike traditional glass bottles, allows the tequila to evolve over time by homogenizing volatile particles and creating a smooth and balanced taste profile. TASTING NOTES: Our goal was to create the purest form of aged tequila, maintaining a high-agave taste while adding complexity through our whiskey barrels. The mature aroma is balanced by hints of citrus and cooked agave, with layers of caramel and almond for a truly enticing taste experience.