Bruichladdich distillery

Port Charlotte scotch heavily peated 10years

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CHARACTER - Maturing for 10 years near Loch Indaal, this spirit has been profoundly influenced. Like sunshine in winter, this Port Charlotte 10 is clear and optimistic, ushering in a brighter future. COLOUR - Range from Primrose to Citrine. NOSE - Smoke and the breeze of the ocean blend together, creating the perfect equilibrium of oak, smoke, and booze. The smoke is lucid yet dry and earthy, making room for the oak and its notes of caramel, fudge, custard, ginger, nutmeg, clove, and lemon meringue. Hints of thyme, heather, and sea pink surround its Atlantic coast aroma. PALATE - It has a delicate, soft texture and taste with the smoke lightly embracing the hidden sweetness of oak. Coconut, custard, honey, and oysters join with the smokiness to give way to the tinge of orange, mango, and Banoffee pie. FIN