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Renowned among the most well-known tequila families, the Orendain name is held in high esteem. In 1926, Don Eduardo Orendain Gonzalez founded the cherished Tequila Orendain, sourcing from his private and forgotten casks. Honoring his legacy and dedication to tradition, his sons Jaime, Carlos, Alfonso, and Juan Jose have carefully crafted and aged this tequila using his original recipe, which includes hand-harvested agave from a select plantation. Imperio del Don's opulent hue boasts copper tones and exhibits prominent, robust tears. With notes of cooked agave, herbs, chocolate, and vanilla, the flavors of vanilla, chocolate, honey, and cinnamon are released with every sip. Exceptionally smooth. TASTING NOTES: The rich, copper-colored Imperio del Don is accompanied by prominent, robust tears. Notes of cooked agave, herbs, chocolate, and vanilla lend to the release of flavors of vanilla, chocolate, honey