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Experience the exceptional taste of GRAND DOVEJO TEQUILA REPOSADO, a small-batch, traditional tequila handcrafted from 100% estate grown blue agaves in the highlands of Jalisco by the Feliciano Vivanco Family. The ideal, iron-rich soil in this region known as the golden triangle, along with the use of "Prise de Mousse" and wild yeast strands from the agaves themselves, results in a bright, golden straw hue and a unique combination of flavors including cooked agave, vanilla, orange, spice, wood, dried fruit, and cinnamon. From slow cooking the heart of the agave in traditional brick ovens to fermenting with champagne yeast, only the finest techniques are used to produce this premium tequila. The finish is long and warm with a slowly fading spice, leaving your taste buds satisfied.