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5 sentidos cuishe

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Originally released in California, 5 Sentidos Cuishe from Tio Tello is the first Cuishe variant (A. Karwinskii) crafted by master palenquero Eleuterio Perez Ramos to be distributed in an international market. Hailing from Miahuatlan de Porfirio Diaz, Oaxaca, agaves were roasted over a mesquite firewood-powered conical oven for a minimum of four days. Subsequently, the agave was macheted and mashed with mesquite-crafted hammers in a wooden trough before fermentation with well water within cypress sabino tanks. Tio Tello distilled the mash in a single copper alembic style still. This California-only batch, which was brought to life in March 2007 and bottled in January 2021, yielded a total of 210 liters after adjusting with heads, hearts and tails.